FIVE a Modern American Restaurant
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About Us

FIVE restaurant is a Modern American Restaurant & Bar in Downtown Berkeley, featuring a menu of familiar favorites reinvented, served by friendly and knowledgeable staff in a comfortable, yet stylish setting.

FIVE restaurant is the kind of place where you feel comfortable dropping in for a quick drink and snack before the BART ride home, a casual lunch or dinner, pre or post theater dining or even a power breakfast with a new client. In short, FIVE is that great neighborhood place you always return to.

Why FIVE? Simply, FIVE incorporates the five senses and five elements into the food, ambiance and environment of the restaurant. FIVE Restaurant has developed a menu which is both simple and complex, reflecting the simplicity of celebrating not only what is natural and familiar, but upon further exploration revealing unparalleled complexity in flavor, texture and taste.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, all start at FIVE.


In The Hotel Shattuck Plaza
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